Review Policy

review policy

Receiving books in the mail makes me smile. In order to keep the big, goofy smile on my face, I'm committed to writing prompt, honest reviews of the highest standard! 

I am an avid reader and, as such, am willing to accept a wide range of titles. My particular favourites are literary fiction, horror, paranormal romance, dystopian and urban fantasy fiction aimed at either an Adult or Young Adult audience. However, I'm not limited to my pet-favourites. My tastes are eclectic!

My reviews are always honest and I pride myself on them being enjoyable to read, whether the review be a five-star or a one-star commentary. I don't provide a literary analysis (although if you were to request such a thing, the English teacher inside me would be willing to attempt it), and I usually stick to responses of a more subjective nature. I feel literary response is a subjective thing, after all!

I am willing to accept books in print, or in the oh-so-modern e-format, though at the moment I am not reviewing self-published titles. I know...I'm a mainstream phony. 

I post my reviews to my blog first, but always try to spread the word via Amazon, Goodreads, Audible (for audiobooks I get from them) and The Book Depository etc. 

Hopefully, you'll like what you see as you take a wander around my blog, and you'll either want to tag along on my adventure by becoming a GFC follower, or add to my adventure by sending me something to review! I'm such a mercenary, huh?

You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!