Star Ratings

star ratings

You'll see on my Book Reviews page that every review comes with a star rating. I know these are pretty self explanatory but I thought I'd add a bit of a breakdown here, just so that they are crystal clear! 

I will always be honest but it's important to remember that my reviews are subjective. There will be plenty of other bloggers and reviewers who disagree with me. I respect writers and all of the effort that they go to. If my reviews aren't glowing, it just means that I, personally, wasn't in love with the book. 

5 Stars - Astounding
I can't gush enough about these titles. They have strong characters, the narrative is deep, beautifully written and gripping. 

4.5 Stars - Excellent
I love these books. They are amazingly written with great characters and a strong narrative. 

4 Stars - Great
Thoroughly enjoyable reads that I would definitely read again. 

3.5 Stars - Damned Good
These books are pretty good! There are probably a few things I might have liked to see which weren't there, but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. 

3 Stars - Enjoyable
I like these reads. They have a good story and characters I can identify with. There was probably not as much subtext or meaning as I'd like, but as a surface narrative, it wasn't bad a t all! 

2.5 Stars - Missing Something
Although I've probably slugged through the story and found aspects that I liked, there was definitely something missing as far as I was concerned. 

2 Stars - Not My Cup Of Tea
I might be able to see the appeal for others, but for me, this just didn't hit the mark.

1.5 Stars - Painful To Slog Through
These books are definitely not my thing. Surface story and stereotypical characters, with lots of narrative flaws.

1 Star - Erg
I'll struggle for anything nice to say.

0.5 Star - Face-Palm
If I finish these books, I probably wish I hadn't bothered.