Literary figures who made you drool

This is something which has me interested...

These days, teenagers everywhere are just dying for Edward Cullen to take a bite out of them. I can think of quite a few male leads who made me a bit weak at the knees. But is it just a girl thing? Do guys ever read books and fantasize about the heroines/femme fetales?

A buddy of mine said: "The problem I have is that most women in male orientated books, if designed to be bedded, are not at all real."

Interesting, eh?

So is it simply that most books which focus on getting the guy/girl are aimed at a female audience? Is it the case that when reading a book with a strong male character, women want to bed them and men want to be them?

When I read Monsoon, by Wilbur Smith, I both wanted Tom Courtney and wanted to be him! Sans genitalia. I know many authors choose male leads to broaden their audience as it is thought that the ladies are better able to empathise with male protagonists than men are able to empathise with female leads. I'm not sure if it's true, but I once heard that Harry Potter was originally meant to be female, but Rowling thought a male protagonist would attract more readers.

So. Here's my question, readers. What characters have you both wanted and wanted to be? Who did you admire and who did you want?

Comments PLEASE! I'm honestly interested.



  1. I always had a fixation on the Clive Cussler penned hero Dirk Pitt. He was an amazing oceanographer, super-sleuth, diver, fighter and archaeologist.
    I seem to remember a number of internet handles being 'DirkPittWannabe' in my younger years... Now when I read a Dirk Pitt adventure I realise it wouldn't have been all that bad to be *with* him too...

  2. This follows on from what I was thinking, I guess. Female readers can both want and want-to-be male protagonists. I just have no idea if it's the same for the male audience. Get your other half to sign up and comment! :-) x

  3. Whilst reading Dracula I found that Mina Harker always struck me as a character I would want to meet!!

  4. She was MUCH cooler than Jonathan Harker, I agree. What about characters you wanted to be, as opposed to bed? Lx

  5. I suppose one of the characters I wanted to be was Jim DiGriz from the Stainless Steel Rat. Just seemed to be able to find a solution for everything.

    Either him or Bartimaeus, I mean the sheer experiences would be amazing.

  6. Bartimaeus was AWESOME! I haven't read "Stainless Steel Rat" though... Lx

  7. Uch it's sad and you're gonna laugh (in a bad way) but my answer to both is the lead from Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal", Moist Von Lipwig. Attractive name, no? He is designed to be charming and I just can't help it. Sort of the Edward Cullen thing again I guess, you really shouldn't like them but you do in spite of it. I love reading about him. I would actually quite like to be the female lead in that book too!

  8. Lol. The word "moist" makes me cringe so I guess I'd never get past that to seeing the charms lol. Lx


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