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There are some films, books and songs which people should make time to see, read and listen to sooner rather than later. Today, I want you each to share the one book, film and song which you cannot imagine having lived without.

While this may seem simple, as I write this my mind is already teaming with different possibilities for each category, and already I'm conflicted about what I'd choose!

The Book. 

There's a big part of me which wants to say, The Lord of The Rings, but I don't think that would be an honest answer. I think that the book I would tell everyone to read at some point would be... ummm... The Stand, by Stephen King. Probably... 

The Movie.

Okay, be it predictable or not, I can't help but say The Shawshank Redemption. To me, it is just the PERFECT movie! Check out the trailer:

The Song.

Oooooo... now this IS a toughie. I love music and have fairly eclectic tastes. However, I think that Nina Simone's Feeling Good, would have to be at least somewhere near the top of the list. Have a listen:

So let is know your recommendations via the comments box, lovely people!


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