GUEST POST! Roll up! Roll up! You’re in for a night of horrors…

Today I'm joined by the His Royal Squiriferousness, Zodiac Knight, from Tales From the Corners of the Universe. This charming young scamp is going to be a big ol' famous writer someday, you can count on it! Today he's going to recommend some SERIOUSLY creepy music to improve your horror scenes. Even if you aren't usually into horror writing, after you listen to these tracks, you'll no doubt feel the urge to dip a quill in a vial of blood and pen something creeptastic! 

Without further hogging of the stage, here he is!

Nox Arcana are pure, bottled creepy. Specialising in dark, gothic instrumental pieces, complete with sinister children’s laughter they creep me out! I find it’s particularly excellent if you can’t quite achieve that je ne sais quoi in a horror scene you’ve been writing. When I first heard it today, I was on my own. Not a good plan. I spent the next half an hour paranoid that a clown was staring at me from the doorway. However! This may just be me being rubbish at bravery. If you’re feeling hardcore, dim the lights and put this stuff on.

This is the introductory song to their album The Carnival of Lost Souls. This kicks off the show with a call from the circus ringmaster. Sure! Why not Mr. Creepy-as-hell? It’s not like you don’t remind me of a creepier version of the Night Travellers from Torchwood...

The second song from the same album. This perhaps unsettles me more. There’s something very creepy about kiddies a-giggling, especially when I’ve been softened up by the music. Beware the whispering!

My final choice is taken from their album Darklore Manor, containing in abundance haunted house themes. It is in fact inspired from a real life haunted house in Massachusetts built in 1889. According to the local lore, a curse befell the family living there, resulting in several deaths and disappearances. In 1968, three teenagers holding a séance there apparently disappeared. 

This is Scamp, Peruser of Tomes, currently attempting to tell himself the scary noises aren't real...

Thank you, Zodiac Knight (A.K.A Scamp) for a great guest post! You've no doubt ruined any sleep I may have had hopes of getting... Brilliant for horrific inspiration!


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