Top Ten Tuesdays #1 Ten Bookish Websites, Organizations, Apps. Etc

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovelies at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s Top Ten theme is Top Ten Bookish Websites/Organizations/Apps, etc. I've decided to sign up for this as it's been so amazing in helping me discover new bookish stuff to stalk. 

I'm going to bullet point these, as rating them 1-10 would just leave me in a tizzy.

  • NetGalley - A place of free books! They send  you e-versions of books which are recently/not yet released. 

  • Audible - I get one a month for the subscription price of £7.99. This site has made me a complete audiobook convert. 

  • Figment - This is a tremendous site for wannabe writers. Their contests are amazing, the discussions are intelligent and the giveaways are awesome!

  • Book Blog Giveaways - At some point, Lady Luck will sprinkle some magic dust on me and I'll one one of the giveaways on this huge list!

  • Kindle App / Kindle Store - I've recently downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone. It makes buying cheap books which are instantly delivered to the palms of your hands (literally) far too easy. 

  • Creativity Writing Prompts - Awesome little writing tasks which I've used as starters in my classes, as well as for loosening up my own writing.

  • Amazon Wishlist - I read so many excellent reviews these days that I needed somewhere to store my want-to-reads. Also, it makes buying me prezzies so much easier!

  • Read it: Swap it - Read a book? Done with it? Why not swap it for something new(ish) here?

  • The Story Siren - The hostess of In My Mailbox, which I found instrumental in networking my blog.

  • Goodreads
  • This site is amazing! Book reviews, ratings, info, giveaways and all sorts of other awesomeness. Check it out and befriend me here.

Happy Link-Clicking!


  1. I know how you feel about book giveaways. I enter them with my fingers crossed! :) Maybe one day I'll win.

  2. Lol. If you continue to not win then I'll send you a prize for having your hopes dashed so often!

  3. I think I'm one of those weird people that rarely enters giveaways. I think I have enough books as it is and like them to go to those more needy (ie. with TBRs in double figures). It's always nice to find new British bloggers so I'll be following you back :)

  4. Wow you have a great list! Amazon wishlist was good thinking!! Going to go poke around on Writing Prompts... but I'll be back since I'm following you!


  5. Ellie - what do you mean "enough" books?! Blasphemer! =P

    Laura - You have the best name!

    *Does the happy-new-followers-dance*

  6. Your list is cool too! new follower. Belle


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