A Monday Musing - A Summer To Change My Life.

As many of you will know, I'm a teacher. There are many aspects of my job that I love, but around this time of year the prospect of Summer Holidays (proper-noun status is fully deserved) seems to overshadow most of  'em! Any teacher who says otherwise is lying! ^_^

I'm pretty lucky as I'm a fairly young teacher. I took one year out after University and worked in Borders. That was the only year of my life that I didn't have the awesomeness that is the School Summer Holidays to look forward to. 

I wonder how many of you can relate to my blog today. How many of you, when you get any kind of extended time off school, uni, college or work decide that, in the time away from the daily grind, you will completely change yourself? How many of you are familiar with the concept of the Summer Holiday Resolution?

When I was in school, I decided that every summer would be the summer that I would change my life. I would write, I would exercise, I would become organised for the following school year... I never managed it. Well, last summer I promised myself that I would finish writing my book. I did it! I've barely looked at the draft since...

I recently read and reviewed a book called, The Summer I Lost It, by Natalie Kath. You can read my review here. It has inspired me to use my summer as I have always intended. I'm 26 years old so this is my 27th summer. And this is the summer that I plan to change my life. My efforts begin today, though the summer hols officially begin on Friday for me. That gives me 45 days to get going.

This summer I WILL:

1. Get much healthier. 

It's not just about losing weight, tough that is a part of it. I wont to be fitter so that I can have more energy. I'm tired of haring every photo of myself. I'm tired of hating shopping for clothes. I'm tired, just tired, a lot! I know losing weight and getting healthy will help me to control my mood and give me more energy.

2. Edit my book and send off some letters.

It's written, now I need to edit and rewrite. Then comes the quest for an agent. I can at least edit and polish this summer. I can at least START to search for an agent.

3. Be as prepared as possible for another school year. 

I've almost got myself ready already! But I will go into school and finalise my prep over the summer.

There. Three simple things. Three small steps. I decided to let y'all in on my plans because I feel like it will help to push me. I'll keep you posted on my success...because damn it I WILL be successful at this!

Wish me luck =P



  1. Much luck!! 3 great steps :D Summer is definitely the time to get things done. Once the school year starts schedules get soooo busy :D

  2. good luck! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Come organise me too. Please, please, please. This is my first Summer holidays and I plan to exercise (with the girls) and catch up on the housework *sigh* and read. And actually go out with friends :D :D


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