Oooo I'm a crafty bugger!

So The Summer I changed My Life programme is going well so far! Rikku is loving having super-long walks every day, I've been inducted to my local gym and I've eaten breakfast every day. So far so good! I feel pretty darn chipper actually!

My list of things to do has grown a bit today though. And it's all because of StumbleUpon! I discovered this yesterday. For those of you who don't know of it, it's a site where you can put in your interests and it will take you to random web pages dealing with these topics. It's pretty much an AMAZING way to waste time. This summer I'm not allowed to waste time so the fun that is StumbleUpon could have been rather detrimental to my schedule. Instead, it has added to it!

Among the interests I ticked in the little check-boxes, was "Crafts". I like crafty stuff! *Insert appropriately filthy joke about me being good with my hands.* Because of the amazing sites randomly generated, I've made earrings, broaches and paper flowers today with my brand-new battery powered Glue Gun! Look!


So now I have to fit "Being Crafty" into my daily timetables. There aren't enough hours in the day, are there?

Here are few wonderfully crafty sites which inspired me. I bet these could be great inspiration for keeping kiddies occupied too! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I did!



  1. Oooooh. I love crafts, especially making my handmade book thongs. I love the earrings you made as well. You are very talented.

  2. I love the idea of The Summer I Changed My Life Programme. Did you come up with it yourself or is there a website?

  3. I am very much liking the crafty - do you want to borrow my children I am rubbish at crafts ;D
    I likey the broach :D

  4. @Lena - Thanks! They are a first attempt but I'm happy with how they turned out.

    @Viv - I was inspired by the book "The Summer I lost It". Been very good so far but I'm ill today and can't make it to the gym! Tut.

    @Emma - Did you see the crayon monogram on my FB? I sooo can't wait to have kids so that I can make crafty things with them!

  5. very pretty :)
    thanks for the comment. i'm afraid it isn't unless you have an electronic reader thing. i checked everywhere just this evening because my best friend lives in Oxford and i wanted her to read it.
    if i can get my hands on a 2nd copy i'll definetly be having an international giveaway.


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