My Crafty Wall of Luuuuurve.

Okay, so that title makes this post sound like it's going to end up being ever-so-dodgy. It's not though, I promise. Sorry to disappoint! 

While my husband was busy laying floorboards last week, I was very helpful and constructive too. I made this! It's amazing what you can do with some left over paint and scrap book paper. 

I enjoyed my crafty little diversion so much that I decided I'd try it again with a few more random bits and bobs I had lying around. You know the stuff I mean, the assorted detritus that makes up the backs of drawers and keepsake boxes. All the crap you never use but "might need someday" or "can't throw out."

Last night I was feeling crafty and, of course, very in love with my darling dearest.We've been decorating recently and are in need of some cute wall hangings and such to add some colour to our home. So, as you would, I decided to make a wall of love!

Well I think it's cute! And Nick claims he does too. Let me talk you through it...

 These are lyrics to what we consider "our" song, Swing Life Away, by Rise Against. It's one of the songs which I had at my wedding. It's lovely! You can listen to it here

Here's a picture of hubby and I at someone else's wedding. Written beside us are the words "Stand By Me", another song we had at our wedding. 

For this part, I used a bunch of scrapbooky quotes and then I cut up some lovey-dovey words from a dictionary I had lying about. 

You know the little sheet of teeny pictures you get in the envelope with your standard 6x4 photographs? Well I cut out a few of my favourites and made this heart. LUCKILY you guys should not be able to see my bad hair dye job here!

 I cut up one of our wedding cards for this bit. Felt kinda bad about doing that but hey, at least it's not just living in a box now!

It says "A Perfect Match" and there are two little matchsticks. You KNOW that's cute! 

A cute felted heart I sewed one night while I was sat on the couch beside Nick. He was playing computer games, one of our favourite geeky pastimes!

(Mam, you seemed so eager for me to try the little felt hearts when we went to Hay. Happy now? He he.)

We aren't allowed to play Scrabble because he knows I'd kick his butt. So I didn't feel too bad about using the pieces for maybe my favourite part of the pinboard display.

I've ended up with a cute, personalised piece which adds colour and sentimental-happiness to a wall. I'm rather pleased with it myself so I thought I'd share it with y'all. 

L x


  1. this is unbelievably cute!!! I wish I was crafty enough to do this!!

  2. How cool and crafty. I wish I had the attention span to see a craft project through. I'm currently helping my daughter build a collage of photos for her dorm room. It's been fun. If I had to do it alone, I probably would've quit.


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