I need a Hero!

Before I get to the point, take a look at this!

Right. Now that I've shared that joy with you, I have a question to ask you!

Most of you know I'm a teacher. I like to think I'm pretty good at it though I'm pretty sure whole bunches of my pupils will disagree. However, being a dedicated sort, I like to go that extra mile to make my lessons interesting and entertaining. Oo! I'm so inventing the portmanteau word "intertaining". That's brilliant! 

Ahem...anyway! What I'm looking for from you lovely people is simple. I want you to answer this question:


Post your answers below. Links to a picture would be GREATLY appreciated. Your hero might be factual, fictional, silly or serious. You'll not only be helping me, but thirty-one GCSE pupils! So thanks in advance.



  1. I tried to do this with a Year 9 class lol - great minds & all that.
    I have no idea who I would pick as my hero. Actually my girls are my heroes - they are so selfless, loving and caring (even when they drive me nuts) Yep my girls are my heroes, with all they have been through this year they are totally amazing

  2. Aww that's sweet. I'm teaching "Heroes" by Robert Cormier to my Y11 GCSE set one. As homework they're all emailing me images of their heroes. Some have been touching, some made me laugh so hard that wine came out my nose*. I just thought it'd be nice to get more ideas from the wider world to share with 'em.

    *I was not actually drinking wine at the time. Maybe it's time to reassess my alcohol intake...

  3. If I admit that you are my your darling little sister can I have Rikku now? As in to keep :D Forever?...And ever? :)

  4. NOPE! And why wouldn't you want Ewok too?! I told him you only wanted Rikku and he cried. He never wants to see you and give you puppy kisses again...

    Poor puppy...

  5. I feel bad. Love you Ewok!!!!! Ewok loves seeing me...Rikku does more because of her Uber long Walkies!!!! :)
    Give them both hugs from me :) x

  6. I will not hug them for you. They do not associate with people who overuse exclamation marks.



  7. I think 'hero' is a strange term, I'm not sure why. But I never really had a role model growing up, and when I realised that I started up my Awesome Women feature in order to look up other fab women in order to look up to. I haven't really done much with it, but so far I've written about my adoration of Sydney Bristow from Alias, some of the kick-ass women from the Harry Potter series and the rest have been authors that I love and admire.

    But good luck with your class :)

  8. oh this is a tough one! I want to say my parents because they are so loving and caring and I want me and my partner to be just like them one day.. 25 years of marriage and they are still so obviously in love.
    But thats too soppy! ;)

    therefore my heroes are a variety of authors and musicians. Amanda Palmer has to be up there, and the girls from The Donnas, then JK Rowling, Jennifer Donnelly now Ive discovered her work (you should read Revolution Laura, you will love it!) and Malorie Blackman...
    As you can see I'm a big fan of totally kick ass women, I hope I can be as kick ass as them one day!


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