Exciting New Blog Alert!

Hey all. Today I need to point you all in the direction of Auntie Twist of The Way I See Things. She's an old internet pal of mine who has just started an online advice column of her very own. So far her blog looks amazing!

Today I got to be her very first test subject for her new feature, Fortune Fridays. Every Friday, Twist (not her real name, it just happens that the first letters of "The Way I See Things", her blog heading, spell Twist) will take questions via Twitter and answer them using a set of runes. I'm particularly proud as I'm the one who taught her how to read runes in the first place! 

You can see the reading she did for me HERE. I thoroughly recommend you go and check her out. She needs followers, she needs questions and she needs willing subjects to have their fortunes read on a Friday! It's a whole bunch of fun and she can keep things private and anonymous if you're shy. 

Check her out! Lx

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