Making Pinterest more about productivity and less about procrastination!

I love Pinterest! It's one of those amazing internet tools which allows you to spend time doing absolutely nothing, while providing the illusion of productivity! 

For a while I've been using my Pinterest account as little more than a source of funzies. Today, however, I've made it useful! 

I have created a pin-board of every book review I've ever posted here on Scattered Figments! So if you fancy a quick glance at all the books and the star-ratings they've received, just click HERE

If y'all have review pin-boards of your own, link them up in the comments below and I'll look forward to stopping by! Lx

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  1. I love how you characterized Pinterest as "spend time doing nothing while providing the illusion of productivity." I very recently opened a Pinterest account and love the joy and inspiration I feel when looking at beautiful or interesting pictures. I like your idea of making a reviewed books board. I have started a "favorite books" board on Pinterest. If you want to check it out, the link is
    Happy Reading~
    Beth :-)


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