Creative Juice: Written in Blood and Ink.

As a kid, I always thought tattoos were funky and I always knew that I'd want one. I finally got ink after my PGCE. I got "Once upon a time..." around my wrist. Well. That's what I thought I was getting! Imagine my horror when I got home, took off the bandage around my wrist and saw that my tattoo actually read "One upon a time..."!

LUCKILY, it was fixable and now it reads just fine. You'd think that this experience would put me off having any more tattoos, but no. I also have two hibiscus flowers on my right ankle, and a line from TS Eliot's The Wasteland down my spine (it reads "A heap of broken images, where the sun beats...")

What I'm wondering today is:

Do any of you have tattoos? If you do then what are they and why did you choose them? If you don't, then do you ever want any? If so then what are you thinking of getting? 

Post comments, please! My favourite reply will receive a fabulous free gift =P


P.S. I also think tattoos can tell you a lot about a person. If this is the case, what do mine say about me? =D

P.P.S. This is the ink on my ankle. The others are just a nice italic script.


  1. Got to be honest, I thought you were crazy getting the Eliot, but then I went back and read them for pleasure, not university and I fell in love :)

    Probs getting my ink after exams, always in ancient greek - literary reference - part harry potter , part Camillia(the amazonian warrior) from the Aenied. Slightly pretentious, very geeky :D

  2. I LIKE geeky pretension! It allows us nerds to feel slightly superior about something, at least! =P

  3. P.S. Check out Catrin's blog at


  4. my blog is FULL of geeky pretension :D xx

  5. I was thinking of getting a cool ankle tattoo before getting married but you wouldn't be able to see it under the ball and chain now.

  6. Lol. If you even THINK of getting a ball and chain tattoo on your ankle then I shall cut it off while you sleep...



  7. Always wanted to have a tattoo, but could neve decide on anything. I'm open to suggestions.

  8. I have no idea what you'd want... maybe a lightning bolt on your forehead? "One ring to rule them all..." around your wrist or up your calf? "Tenac" on a butt-cheek like in the "Tenacious D" movie? He he he. Or you could get a number in honour of the Sephiroth clones? If all else fails you can get something lame and common in an oriental language... though I'd be worried it'd end up saying "Special Fried Rice" or something...

    Mine all have a reason. I got "Once upon a time" because I want my life to be a story. I plan on getting some brave tattoo artist to tattoo my other wrist with "Happily ever after." after I die. Morbid, I know, but I like the idea.

    The line of poetry is one of my favourites and it has always struck a chord with me.

    The hibiscus is one of my favourite flowers. It represents rare and delicate beauty but that hardly represents me, lol. I just think it's a sunny sort of flower and I like sun!

    Has anyone else ever recommended anything to you?


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