Creative Seduction.

When I am teaching Romeo and Juliet to year nine, I like to explore the language of love with them. Part of this involves a funny starter activity in which the class shares the funny chat-up lines they know.
So, this week I'd like you to share the worst and thus funniest chat-up lines you've ever heard. If the were used on you, then did they work? Were they used by you? And again, how successful were they?
Leave comments please :-)


P.S. My favourite so far is:
"20 ton penguin ...
... ... ...
... Well I had to "break the ice" somehow."


  1. Ok I only know some maths ones, sad I know =P

    If you were a trigometrical function, you would be 1 over Cos C
    (Sec C, say it aloud)

    I wish to be your differential, then I'm touching all your curves

    I wish to be your Integral, then I'd know the area under your curves

    I heard your sin, because you're always on top when we make tangent

    Do you want to see the exponential growth of my Natural Log ?

    Can I plug my solution into your equation ?

    I wish you would factorise, because girl I want to get inside your brackets

    I'm not being obtuse, you are just an acute girl

  2. One like yours is
    Q = "How much does a polar bear weigh?"
    A = "Enough to break the ice."

  3. Oh and some physics ones :D

    Your weak interaction, causes me to emit strange particles

    You make my current flow

    Meet me later, I will show you some annihilation

    I'm going to put my filament in your bulb

  4. LOL at the maths chat up lines. They cracked me up. Loving the polar bear one too.

    Another favourite:

    The word of the day is "Legs".
    Let's Go upstairs and spread the word...

    He he he Lx


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