The "Waste of Life" list!

There are some things in this world which just make you feel like the life is being sucked out of you by some kind of tedious leech. The following things (and, in future, I'm sure more will be added) make my "Waste of Life" list!

I just don't do it unless it is absolutely necessary. I can't stand ironing and think I would rather iron my face than face a pile of laundry a few times per week.

Emptying the dishwasher.

When I was a kid I dreamed of having a dishwasher. Dad always made the same joke: "We do have a dishwasher. It's you."

Now I'm all growed up and have a shiny dishwasher all of my own! :) But where I used to resent the whole process of washing dishes, I now resent the fact that my dishwasher doesn't have a button to put all of the dishes away in the cupboards!


Cardboard has more flavour. You know you want some nice crispy bacon, or maybe some fresh, juicy chicken. How about a succulent steak? Every mouthful of Quorn just makes me sad inside.

Non Alcoholic Beer.



See above.

Reality TV.

I have my own reality to take care of. Why the hell would I want to watch someone else make a prat of themselves in theirs? Yes it's fascinating that others seem to be able to live their lives with skin which is a perfect shade of satsuma, but not interesting enough for me to devote ANY time to watching...

"Fun Size" Sweets.

Where is the fun hiding, exactly?! Fun size sweets are SMALLER than the real thing. Surely it'd be more fun if they were 12x bigger than normalImagine a Curly Wurly which you could use as a ladder. That would be fun!

Think of it this way...if ever a guy were to describe his manly parts as "fun size", you know you would be in for an evening of anything but fun!

What makes YOUR "Waste of Life" list? Comments please! :)



  1. Scamp, peruser of the tomes13 May 2011 at 22:23

    So much to choose!
    1: Circular walks - If we're gonna walk *to* somewhere then brilliant, fair enough but why do we need to walk around in a big circle? It doesn't help in the desert and it doesn't help me in a national park either.
    2: People who describe things as "gay" to mean rubbish - Youtube commenters, I'm looking at you.
    3: Drizzle - I can't help but think this is the product of when the clouds are having a bad da at work, torrential rain is good, sunny weather is good, but "light showers" are just half-hearted efforts.

    There's probably loads more but I don't want to fill up tooo many pages

  2. He he he he!

    "It doesn't help in the desert and it doesn't help me in a national park either."

    My puppy would disagree, but Nick is so on your side! Whenever I say "Let's go for a walk", he always asks "Where to?" He seems to think it's silly to walk from our house, around the block, to our house again...

    I'm more about the journey than the destination! :D


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