Quickie 20 Questions!

Here's a quickfire quiz for you all to answer, just so that I can get to know my lovely followers a little better :)

  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Sweet or savoury?
  3. Do you sing in the shower?
  4. Favourite pizza topping?
  5. Last book you read?
  6. Favourite alcoholic beverage?
  7. Super power of choice?
  8. Facebook or Twitter?
  9. Shoe size?
  10. Favourite computer game?
  11. Weird phobias?
  12. Any pets?
  13. Sonic or Mario?
  14. Favourite accent?
  15. Favourite ice cream flavour?
  16. Most ticklish part?
  17. Favourite word?
  18. Lucky number?
  19. Dogs or cats?
  20. Best moment of your day so far?
Can't wait to hear your answers!

Here are mine:
  1. Coffee or tea? COFFEE IN WORK, TEA AT HOME.
  2. Sweet or savoury? SWEET
  3. Do you sing in the shower? YES! 
  4. Favourite pizza topping? ANYTHING + PINEAPPLE
  5. Last book you read? PLAGUE, BY MICHAEL GRANT
  6. Favourite alcoholic beverage? JD
  7. Super power of choice? THE POWER TO HAVE ALL POWERS (or flight if we're not cheating)
  8. Facebook or Twitter? BOTH!
  9. Shoe size? 6
  10. Favourite computer game? FINAL FANTASY
  11. Weird phobias? SLUGS AND COLD BEANS=/
  12. Any pets? 1 DOG AND 2 GUINEA PIGS...(and a husband)
  13. Sonic or Mario? MARIO
  14. Favourite accent? IRISH
  15. Favourite ice cream flavour? COOKIE DOUGH
  16. Most ticklish part? KNEES 
  17. Favourite word? SQUELCH
  18. Lucky number? SIX
  19. Dogs or cats? DOGS
  20. Best moment of your day so far? RECEIVING A COPY OF "THE GODDEST TEST" IN THE MAIL...NO IDEA WHO SENT IT TO ME! 
There's me in 20 who are you? 



  1. 1 Tea, always

    2 Generally more savoury, but I have my sweet moments

    3 Sometimes...

    4 Animal of some form

    5 A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson

    6 Cider, or wine

    7 The ability to influence and read minds

    8 Facebook

    9 11/12

    10 Mass Effect

    11 Helical staircases

    12 Nope

    13 Mario

    14 Irish

    15 Chilli Chocolate

    16 I shall not reveal such a thing, for fear of repercussions

    17 Toast

    18 Seven

    19 Neither to be honest

    20 Managing to burn my hand ¬¬

  2. 1. Tea!
    2. Definitely sweet
    3. Loudly
    4. Any veggies
    5. Unfortunately it was "Science and Sensation in Romantic Poetry"
    6. Magners slush puppies in summer, Archers and lemonade any other time.
    7. The ability to change into different animals
    8. Facebook
    9. 6 and a bit
    10. Boomshine
    11. Spiders *shudder* although that is perfectly rational...
    12. One Pirate westie
    13. Mario
    14. Scottish
    15. Raspberry Ripple
    16. Literally anywhere
    17. Either cwtch or blue
    18. 32
    19. Either
    20. The lovely cup of tea I had in the arts centre whilst reading some Rossetti.

  3. 1: Neither (unless we count iced tea)
    2: Sweet. Always!
    3: Nope, only in the car/in public...strangely.
    4: Anchovies and olives. (never pineapple!)
    5: The Shadowing by Adam Slater
    6: Champagne (based on one experience at a wedding)
    7: The ability to morph into any shape I like!
    8: Both.
    9: 9 (what a coincidence...)
    10: Final Fantasy (10 if we're being specific)
    11: Wasps, the feel of insects crawling over my skin or similar and bee's buzzing.
    12: 3 cats
    13: NEITHER! But probably Sonic if pushed.
    14: Irish
    15: Cherry
    16: Sides...I suppose
    17: Duchy (cause it sounds so juicily orange!)
    18: Six
    19: Cats
    20: Drawing an elephant on me and a friend's hand and starting a hand elephant war. ^_^

  4. Loving some of these. Catrin: "Cwtch" is a FABULOUS word :P

    Cal: Anchovies...seriously? Gag!

  5. Tea
    no, but I sing in my car which is much more embarrassing!
    Sweet Chilli Chicken
    The Missing - Lisa McMann
    Amaretto and Coke
    Little Big Planet
    4 Pet Rats
    Proper Geordie
    rocky road
    hoist! lol (i just love the sound it makes!)
    today? getting to leave early from work and looking at my book parcels! lol

  6. Raimy: Butterflies?! But they's so... fluttery and pretty! Is there a dark and dismal incident in your past where a butterfly attacked you? :P


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