If your life was an audio-book, who would you want to narrate your story?


I've mentioned on several occasions on this blog that I'm a fairly recent convert to the amazingness of audio-books. Before I tried them, I was certain that I'd hate them. I was certain that I'd miss the voices in my own head making each character uniquely mine. 

I was wrong. 

Audio-books are amazing! Not only do you get to hear ever subtlety of the texts, but you also get to assuage the guilt of spending hours upon hours immersed in a great book, without the sitting on your arse, doing bugger-all aspect! Yes, ladies and gents, I'm actually celebrating the fact that the audio-book allows me to get on with the everyday business of life, love and laundry, without ever putting the books down! Well... life and laundry... not love. That'd just be ... ... ... weird. 

So my thinking question of the week is this:

If your life was an audio-book, who would you want to narrate your story?

I've demonstrated mine in picture form above. Kathy Bates' recording of "The Silence of the Lambs" is just phenomenally wonderful. I heart her lots. And Morgan Freeman is just the bestest narrator in the history of all stuff and things! 

What about you? Whose voice would you love to speak your story into magical reality? Get posting, lovely people!



  1. There's so many I'd like to choose! But my top 5 are(in no particular order):
    1. Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow)
    2. Bill Bailey
    3. Gideon Emery
    4. Steve Burton
    5. Paula Tiso

    Yes the last 3 are VA's for FF among other things but they're awesome nonetheless

  2. Bill Bailey sooooo wins for you, Scamp!

  3. But I reallly want to have Gideon Emery/Steve Burton voicing my life! =P

  4. LOL, well apparently a lot of my American readers think I must be like Julie Andrews, so perhaps I should have her.

    Although being an Essex girl at heart, perhaps Kat from Eastenders would be better.

  5. Oooo It could be half audio-book, half musical! Now THERE'S an idea! :P


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