The Law of Sod.

If something can go wrong, it will. 

Thus states Sod's Law (or Murphy's Law, if you're from across the pond...). This is the law that determines that toast must fall butter-side down, that it must start to rain as you leave the hairdresser's with a dashing new do... that sort of thing.

I think every teacher in the world is familiar with this perversity of the universe. Every teacher knows that they can survive lesson after lesson, day after day, week after week of term without succumbing to the myriad bugs and illnesses that float about classrooms... And every teacher knows that on the last day of term the sniffles shall begin. 

Half term holidays must be spent in dressing gowns, cozied up to a box of mansize Kleenex while choking down rancid mouthfuls of Lemsip. For this is the Law of Sod. 

So the first part of this post is to say a big thanks to all my buddies who have done their bit to put smiles on my face this week! The second part is to ask you this:

What examples of Sod's Law can you think of? 

Comment them, please. It will make me smile... not that anyone would be able to tell that I'm smiling... there's a tissue bunged up my nose...



  1. I am sorry to read that you are poorly. It is madness that as soon as your body takes a rest, it gives into illness.

    As for Sod's Law, my asthmas always plays up when I leave my asthma spray at home. It will always be guaranteed to rain as soon as I put my summer clothes on and I will always fall asleep ten pages before the end of a good book!

    I hope you get to enjoy some of the holiday.

  2. Feeling much better now, thanks! I'm sure my visit to the Hay festival today played a part in perking me up :P

  3. aww I hope your feeling better!! :) x

  4. you are.... stupid after-work brain forgets spelling and grammar! :p x

  5. Sod's law for me would be when I'm running late for work and drop my last, yes LAST weetabix mini down my was all going very well up until that point!

  6. @Scanni

    There's "Sod's Law" and there's "being special". You can't blame your dribbling on others, Sis!



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