What turns you into a big old scaredy cat?

I have weird phobias. Show me a snake and I'm fine. Put a big, fluffy-legged spider in my hand and I'll probably think it's cute. Ask me to jump out of a plane (with parachute, silly) and I'm game! Tell me there's ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy-beasties and I'll grab my camera and meet you at the graveyard, no need for a Scoobie-Snack or anything!

No...the things I'm scared of are seriously terrifying things.
  1. Cold baked bean juice - Oh God, just typing it makes me gag in horror. 
  2. Slugs - I like snails though... weird, eh?
  3. Mould - Off milk, furry food, spores. I turn into a girly-girl and run away. 
Does anyone else have bizarre things which make their knees turn to jelly and their belly do backflips? Or I'm I the only mad-hatter in the house?


Thanks to Reuben for saving me from the milk in the Writing Club. I may have died had you not saved the day!]


  1. There's something definitely unsettling about Clowns. And I haven't even seen IT. The face paint just does it. Up there with them is anyone dressed up in those huge suits, Brewster bear scared the hell out of me at a birthday party...

  2. Scary Poltergeist clown creeped me out, but Pennywise was most evil in other incarnations, I thought.

    As for people in big child-luring suits...I find them creepy for realistic reasons lol.

  3. Heights! I have a huge fear of heights and actually seize up on steps have gaps where I can see the ground below.

    Also lifts tumbling over and over and over. I have never been in one that does that. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN!

  4. butterflies!
    Yes I know its insane. Yes I know they cant hurt me! but it doesn't stop the fact that I'm terrified of them! whats more... I dont actually mind moths... it's JUST butterflies!
    Also.. I can see where your coming from with the cold baked bean juice!

  5. He he he. I love butterflies and heights! :P


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