My brain feels mushy... mini-giveaway!

I've not posted anything in over a week and for this I feel I need to apologise. The above image is my explanation for the lack of postage. I don't literally think there are Gummi Bears chewing on my brain...but something certainly seems to have taken a chomp out of it! I'm having one of those weeks were my focus is frazzled, my concentration is kaput, and my alliteration is alarming. that last one was technically assonance, but who cares, right?

I have options. I could craft something. I could review. I could read. I could play a game. I could write. I should write! I could watch a movie. I could take Rikku for another walk. I could clean my house. I definitely should clean my house... I could do one of a million things. Maybe it's all the choice that's making is so difficult to relax? Because I have so many options and, by nature, suck at making decisions, I inevitably decide to have a nap or something lame instead! 

So, instead of posting one of the bazillion reviews that I should be writing, I thought I'd ask you all a question!  What to you do when you feel like you can't quite settle to do anything? Any sage advice or witty wisdom? How do I get these damned gummi bears out of my brain?!

Whoever posts my favourite piece of advice will receive a book from their wishlist! So get thinking!


[P.S. I'll announce the winner at midday on Sunday, GMT]


  1. This is exactly how I have been feeling the past week. Yesterday I actually emptied all my draws and cleaned my entire room. But it seems summer is boring me into some sort of depression.
    But last night I picked up my current read and stayed up until late to finish it, I forget so easily how reading brings me peace and escape. Then after I had finished it was like 2am I wrote for a while *which I desperately need to do, but pressuring yourself into writing isn't going to get you anywhere*.
    The best advice I can give you is to go by impulse. Cleaning is relaxing for me, but may not be for you. Reading is the best option but that's my opinion again. Don't fret about that you need to be doing something because then it will make it harder for you to decide. Not that I can say much because I'm totally fretting.
    Hope you get those gummy bears out your head, then maybe you can eat them instead of them eating your brain.

  2. I can only comment on what's work for me which is a little bit of shopping for which I have to go out and get some fresh air, a nice movie with a pastry or some delicious chocolate and one of my favorite books to re-read. Once I've done that my brain rewires itself and I'm ready to function properly again. Good luck!

  3. Did you try this?
    It helps. Usually. :)

    It will get you to think positively again or at least positively enough to kick yourself in the butt and complete one small task. And when one task is completed, another will follow. And then another. And another. It's like a chain reaction. :D

    Hope you'll get rid of your gummi bears soon! :)

  4. Three words: Take a nap.
    Seriously, this helps with many ailments ;-) !

  5. When I'm really frustrated or can't get anything done I usually sleep it off for some time so that everything in my brain can just calm down.Then I try to organize my tasks and I go on completing them one by one.If that doesn't work I listen to music and sing along and drown everything else out.Then I usually do something which I enjoy doing,like read a good book or have some ice cream:)

    I really hope you can get yourself to relax:)and don't worry even if it seems hopeless it will pass:)

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  6. For me I feel my brain all over the place I try tidying up or cleaning because a neat surrounding can create a less chaos-y mind.

    Also I try making a coffee/tea and jotting down a list of things to do or my things to do options and then u can pick off a neat list. Never underestimate the power of a list!

  7. I usually take a long, hot bubble bath. Or play with the kitten. I'm also obsessed with nail art, so I'll work on my nails, too. If all else fails, I'll pick up one of my old favorite books and settle into my bed to read. Also, sometimes I feel like, claustrophobic almost. So I get rid of all the clutter that's accumulated throughout the house. That never fails to put me at ease.


  8. I tend to sit down, and play with something. Normally my dog. Or a pack of cards. Do something that you enjoy and isn't too strenuous, unless you particularly want to do something requiring a lot of effort.
    And, for me anyway, tea. I find tea always calms me down. Or if you don't really like tea, another warm drink.
    Hope this helps!

  9. I always have a bath if I can't settle, and take a book that I really want to read (Otherwise I can't get into it, which is always a problem when your hair is wet and you're pounding the book against your head!) Otherwise I lay on the bed and look at the ceiling, for hours, thinking "I will turn on the TV in a minute" like a mantra.

    But my advice (which probably isn't funny or witty or even helpful, I'm just in this for the book ;)) is to not push yourself to do something, you need to just go with the flow dude, if your head says "Hey Laura, lets go abseiling!!" do it! If you end up just wanting to lay on the floor watching trash TV and eating chocolate, just do it!

    You'll come out of the rut soon enough, and when you do you'll have more energy than ever!

  10. Light a couple of candles. Curl up with your favorite drink, snack, and a good book. And just read until you are completely relaxed. If this does not work, blow out the candles, put everything else away, turn on some soothing music, and curl up with your favorite blanket and take a nap.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  11. This is going to sound ridiculous, but when you need to write a review...well, keep your shoes on! It makes your brain think it's working and doesn't get distracted as easily as it would without the shoes. No shoes = Brain: "Oooh! I can relax and watch TV! Woho!".

    readingowling AT gmail DOT com

  12. -For me, in your situation, what I'd do is do what I WANT to do. If reviewing a book or reading or writing isn't what you WANT to do, the simplest advice is to NOT do it. I don't mean forever; you are most likely going to want to get back to doing something you love. But at the moment, you should just sit back, kick your feet up, and turn the TV to some little soap opera show. But for me, I would turn on Spongebob Squarepants. Memories always makes me want to... how do I phrase this... live in the present. It makes me want to do things. :D
    I really hope I helped! I hope the Gummi Worms chewing on your brain go away!


  13. This may sound odd but when I have no motivation to do anything, I do EVERYTHING at once. Picture this, I have my current read and nitendo ds beside me, My Current WIP & Latest review & email/blogs open on my lap top... and their is usally something chocolatey available by my right hand. Then I sit, play 5mins on my ds, read a paragrapgh of book, write a sentence of a review, eat a chocolate, maybe a sentence on my Wip, another chocolate then check my email, read another paragrapgh ect... you get my drift. You should try it, strange as it sounds it always amazes me how much I get done this way :)

  14. Usually this happens to me when I'm supposed to be sitting down studying. :S When I can't settle, I pick an area of my house, maybe my bookshelves, my wardrobe or the pantry and I go through it thoroughly. I throw away old food/donate books I don't like/donate clothes I don't wear, organise everything that's left and then go back to whatever I was trying to do. It makes me feel like at least I achieved something that day and gets me thinking all methodically again, so it's easier to write a to-do list and get started!

    kate1485 at


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