WINNER of the Charity Hopping Around The World Giveaway!

Well the Charity Hopping Around The World Giveaway has drawn to a close. I'm thrilled that I got to spread the word about Amazing Archie to the 576 people who entered!

The lucky winner of a book of her choice is:

Entrant 272: 

Sue Brandes!

A huge thanks to everybody for entering. Even thought the competition is over, Archie still needs all the support you can give so be sure to follow him on Twitter. It was interesting that so many of you had never heard of Tay-Sachs before. I hadn't either until Matthew started spreading the word about his brave nephew. That's why charity hops like this are so wonderful; they help raise awareness about causes that, otherwise, get a bit lost under the rug!

Don't feel sad if you missed out on the prize this time. My next giveaway has already started and you can enter it HERE so you have another chance to win!

NOTE: Sue has been informed of her awesome victory. If she does not get back to me to claim her prize in 48 hours, then another winner shall be chosen. 

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